Additional Services

Wetland Enhancement and Development

The enhancement or development of wetlands is often integrated into our pond and lake creation projects because of the role they play in aquatic systems. Not only are wetlands habitat for wildlife, waterfowl, and fish, they also function as a filtering system. This function of wetlands maintains healthy nutrient levels in ponds which in turn reduces algae proliferation and increases oxygen levels. Wetlands alone provide an abundance of diverse habitat for many types of ecosystems, and when developed as part of a larger scale pond or lake project, the result is a more functional, more aesthetic, self sustaining product.

Land and Ranch Management/Personnel Recruitment

We understand that as times have changed, so have the ways in which land is valued. The value of many properties’ production capabilities has been overshadowed by the value of their recreational resources. We have an in depth understanding of land stewardship and long-term, sustainable asset use and are capable of assisting a client in designing a management plan that balances both recreation and agriculture. In addition, we will aid in the recruitment of management level personnel to ensure the implementation and success of the customized management plan.

Recreation and Agriculture Resource Assessment

Purchasing a property that requires a significant amount of work in order to maximize its functional and recreational value can be a challenge. Whether our client is evaluating a property prior to or after purchase, we are able to assist a client in identifying and assessing a respective property’s recreational, agricultural, and ecological resource potential. When converting a strictly working ranch to a multi-use ranch, this can be very important. Prioritizing a scope of work which will most efficiently facilitate the landowner’s goal for a given property, ensures the most painless, economic means to that end.

Access Roads and Bridges

We specialize in the enhancement of environmental resources, predominately aquatics. However, we are fully capable of access road construction as well as the construction and placement of bridges. We market these services primarily to those clients who have a need for roads and or bridges in conjunction with a project that falls within the parameters of our specialized services.

There is the potential for substantial savings when such projects are completed consecutively, under the same scope of work. Much of the equipment required for our specialized services is also required for roads and bridges, thus eliminating additional mobilization costs for the same equipment that would be incurred for a later scope of work, dedicated specifically to building roads and bridges. In the case of roads, materials generated from excavation of enhancement projects can reduce the amount of materials that would otherwise need to be imported.

Fencing and Property Cleanup and Maintenance

In conjunction with aquatic, wildlife, and recreational resource development and enhancement, we frequently encourage our clients to implement fencing around streams, riparian areas, and other critical habitat resources which are vulnerable to damage by livestock. In this capacity, fencing is a very cost-efficient and effective means in protecting and promoting crucial habitat features.

We frequently advise our clients to remove any undesirable interior fencing, outbuildings, and debris because of how quickly these measures can transform the appearance and add to the value of their investment. Removal of unsightly outbuildings and debris is a good place to start when converting a strictly working ranch to a multi-use ranch.

Existing fencing can interfere with the travel patterns of wildlife. By replacing them with fence built to game friendly specifications, deer, elk, antelope, and other wildlife are able to access and relocate to properties using routes previously restricted by fencing. This can be a useful tool in a landowner’s overall plan to manage game populations.

Irrigation Systems

MRD is experienced in the design and implementation of irrigation components and systems. Most modern irrigation projects are very straight forward and are intended to incorporate more economical and efficient uses of water. MRD has also been successful installing irrigation systems which not only address basic irrigation needs but are also helpful in a recreational enhancement capacity. These systems can be beneficial alone or as a follow on to newly constructed habitat features in streams by allowing them to heal with the regulation of stream flows.

Properly designed and installed diversion systems require little to no long term maintenance and often result in the removal of unnatural debris. MRD has constructed weirs and other structures which have replaced diversions constructed with steel posts, wire, and other clutter. These structures are designed to accommodate water rights and allow for the migration of trout and grayling.

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